Schedule for Rambu Solo' Toraja Funeral Ceremony June 2023

Schedule for Rambu Solo' Toraja Funeral Ceremony June 2023 - The Rambu Solo' ceremony is a traditional Toraja funeral and funeral ceremony. This ceremony is carried out in a special way that is different from most funeral ceremonies we are used to. This includes the schedule for the Rambu Solo ceremony which is specially arranged. The Rambu Solo ceremony is one of the attractions for visitors to Tana Toraja, because of the uniqueness of this ceremony. This ceremony is carried out as a special tradition to deliver the family's remains to the final funeral.

However, what is different here is that the funeral in question is not a grave, but a rock cliff where cracks have been made previously as a place for storing bodies. Sometimes the bodies have also been preserved so they can last a long time. This ceremony also runs in a unique way. The ceremony is not held immediately after the body dies. Precisely the bodies were left on cots and treated as if they were still alive. Until the family arranges the schedule for holding Rambu Solo'.

The ceremony will be held by inviting many close relatives, slaughtering a buffalo as a sacred animal that will deliver the spirit to the final resting place of the spirits. Large families can slaughter several buffaloes because it is considered that the more buffaloes the better the journey of the spirit will be. Buffalo will be processed in local specialties. Usually besides buffalo there are also dishes made from pork which is also a favorite of the Toraja people. While some families prepare the meal, some families will hold a prayer reading ceremony.

The body will be placed on a small tongkonan, this is a miniature of the typical Toraja traditional house which will become the hearse later. The ceremony is usually held according to custom and religion by presenting a priest because in general, Torajans are Christians.

Sometimes the ceremony is held not only for one body. Usually when the corpse dies at a time that is not too different. For that, usually there will be more than one mini tongkonan available. Usually the ceremony will also take place bigger and livelier.

There will be a dance tradition in the form of relatives forming a circle around a small tongkonan while reciting mantras. Before then the bodies were delivered to the cliff burial by way of a small tongkonan lifted together.

The ceremony ended with the body successfully buried on the edge of the cliff and the eating ceremony. This traditional ceremony has a very distinctive impression because of the mystical and unique elements that accompany it. Don't be surprised if every time the Rambu Solo ceremony is scheduled, the host village will be packed with visitors. Not only by relatives, but also by tourists. Usually local residents will find a fee of around Rp. 10,000 for tourists can take place in a series of ceremonies. Including enjoying the dishes served. If you are one of those who are curious about how this ceremony is held, you can visit the Tana Toraja area right when the Rambu Solo ceremony is scheduled. So you can witness the uniqueness of the ceremony yourself.

Usually the ceremony schedule will be arranged according to the death that occurs. Also will depend on local custom policies. Usually the ceremony is also held simultaneously in the same month, but the date is different for each village. However, how do you access information regarding the schedule for the Rambu Solo ceremony? There are several ways you can go here. So you can also schedule your visit to Toraja according to the Rambu Solo' ceremony schedule.

You can start by seeking information through the South Sulawesi tourism office. They usually provide information regarding the schedule for the Rambu Solo ceremony, complete with an overview of the location where the ceremony will be held. You can look for it online by visiting the official website of the South Sulawesi tourism office. This method is considered practical for those of you who live outside South Sulawesi. Another option is to do an online search. This method is also considered effective because usually there are many official pages and websites regarding tourism services which also show information about the Rambu Solo ceremony schedule.

Schedule for Rambu Solo' Funeral Ceremony Events in June 2023:

Place: Kete' Kesu' Kelurahan Pannakan Lolo Kecamatan Kesu, Kabupaten North Toraja (Almh. Elly Pammalingan Sarongallo. SE)

  • June 17, 2023: Ma'palele
  • June 20, 2023: Ma'passuluk
  • June 22 2023: Mangriu Batu, Me'balakaan and Mesimbuang
  • June 23 2023: Ma' pasa' Tedong and Ma'parokko Alang
  • June 26, 2023: Ma'palao
  • June 27 - 28 2023: Katongkonan
  • June 29, 2023: Mantaa Padang
  • June 30, 2023: Meaa

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